In the event that I would buy a house, I will want to get new furniture in the house. This will consist of properly acquired new furniture for the various rooms of the house. This will include the following.

For the living room, I will acquire a sleeper sofa. This will be in the case that I would have an overnight guest that would of course need a place to sleep. They will simply move the coffee table, and unfold the sleeper sofa. In addition, there will be a need for a new coffee table. I would also need a TV stand for a 43″ TV followed by said 43″ TV. Since I may not have an office in my house, I will need a printer stand and a sufficiently new printer for the printer stand. The printer will also function as a fax machine. I will also have a corner desk where my desktop PC will stay.

The dining area will have a 6 person table with the appropriate number of chairs. There will also be a china cabinet for the dinnerware plates and silverware. The kitchen will have a refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, and dishwasher.

Each bedroom will have a Queen size platform bed with underside drawers. The closet will also have an integrated safe. By placing the safe in the closet, it will allow for members of the household to store their valuables.

The communications closet will have a Tablo DVR which will connect to the home’s antenna. There will also be a 1U server which will function as a network router, and Asterisk server. In addition, there will be a Synology NAS which will likely fit in a 3U rack mount space. The NAS will have all 16TB hard drives for storage backup, and data.

All of this will undoubtedly be expensive. With that in mind, I will budget for $15,000 for everything.