The goal here will be to acquire a vacant lot of land, and build an energy efficient house on top of it. While this might seem to be more expensive, the idea will be to have the home as energy efficient as possible while still meeting my needs. I will go with the preface bricked modular approach, and create a design that will be small, but functional.

There will be a slab foundation since most of the ground floor will be for a single car garage followed by utilities. An elevator will take me to the second floor where all of the living space will be located at. There will be a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. Accessing this floor will be done either through spiral stairs or an residential grade elevator.

The house will have no gas line. This is to put the house as energy efficient as possible. Instead, the entire house will run on electric, and will have a solar panel array on the flat roof. This will mean that heating, AC, cooking and laundry will be all electric.

Water will come in through the city’s water system, and therefore will have a water/sewage bill. The water will have a purification system that will sit between the system and manifolds. For hot water, there will be a tankless hot water system – therefore making the home more efficient.

Communications will include Internet (likely through Verizon), and telephone (Visible). Each floor will have a Wireless Access Point as well as the outdoor space. In addition, throughout the living space, there will be Cat-8 networking cable which will provide up to 10GBPS for LAN traffic. RG-6 coaxial cabling will run to the Living Room, both Bedrooms, and an extra line at the comms closet for house wide DVR capabilities. Television will be able to support premium cable, but more likely – Over the Air antenna will be used for television

The ground floor will have a single car garage which will support an electric vehicle. The ground floor will also support utilities, and host the comms closet. An alarm system will also be integrated into the house. I could go on, but more information on the type of house I would want can be found at I would expect a basic house to cost $150,000.